6 thoughts on “Lucky Birman Kittens Reviews”

  1. John Carter

    Exceptional cattery a cherishing breeder no doubt. Leila and I are the happiest new parent around and we felt accompanied during all the process, thanks for everything. Molly got the best personality ever, thank you very much for allowed such a blessing into our lives.

  2. Rebecca

    I’m so happy, Thanks so much Lucky Birman Kittens for Lola and Zuri. There are so many breeders that don’t care about what they are doing and just use their kittens as source of income. It is hard to find someone who actually cares, and takes the time to do things right. I would highly recommend buying your future kittens here and be the next to drop in a comment about them. Regards,

  3. Jason Morgan

    Hello! Lucky Birman Kittens, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate you sending us this wonderful Birman kitten “Jack”. He has adjusted to life here wonderfully. He has caught the eye of many folks in our area, what a beautiful kitten he is. I have talk to my family and friend about you. Thanks.

  4. Kelvin. N

    You have change our lives. My wife and I are very pleased with Coco. Our kitten was adorable and super loving the minute we got her!! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a kitten! Ann took very good care of her and educated us on a bunch of things about the Birman breed.

  5. Adeline

    I’m in love with my boy ‘Mars” !! he gives me so much attention… I get face rubs, kisses, facials, head butts. When I pick him up sometimes I get human type hugs. All of these attributes can only come from excellent breeding choices and a healthy environment. I am more than Happy with my baby boy. Regards.

  6. Sarah Rose

    Thanks Lucky Birman Kittens. You guy are acknowledgeable and provides the most unique and sweet Birman kittens. When you get yours you’ll know just like we did that your kitten came from a breeder who treated them with care and love and only wants the best for them.

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